Presentations at Coller Conference for Behavioral Economics

The 3rd Coller Conference for Behavioral Economics featured several poster presentations from our members: 

Hilla Schupak showed evidence for a "choice overload" phenomenon among children, with critical differences between ages and developmental stages (read more). 

Ariel Tikotsky presented a novel survey on attitudes of business owners and managers towards the use of nudges by government to business (G2B) or to consumers through businesses (G2B2C) (read more)

Nurit Hod showed how unethical consumption can lead consumers to express lower product ratings and reviews towards the same vendor from which they "cheated" (read more)

Limor Sahar-Inbar showed how consumers trade-off the "wisdom of the crowd" (volume of reviews) to similarity of reviews, and how those preferences can set expectations that in turn impact consumers' satisfaction from the product they eventually choose (read more)

Kudos to all the presenters, and thanks to all the people at the conference for their helpful comments!