Senior Lecturer at the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Research Fellow at the Israeli Democracy Institute.

I have a PhD and M.A. in Educational Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from Ruppin Academic Center. I also completed a post-doctoral fellowship, with Fulbright scholarship, at Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College of Public Policy (more details on my full CV).

I study how choice architecture - the manner by which different options or outcomes are framed or presented - impact people’s everyday choices and decisions. Specifically, the goal of my research is to identify "nudges" that can be used to improve decisions by helping people choose in manners more consistent with their self-preferences, goals or values, or in manners that promote important societal goals. This includes doing basic research on biases in choice or applied research on improving choice in various domains such as privacy and cybersecurityunethical consumer behavior, enviornmental protection, and pro-social behavior. 

personalised nudges poster from SJDM